Date Your Kid

it’s not to become a title to make you go EWE or that’s just wrong and gross 
this title is for parents who’ve got more than one child 
this is a way to give each child some one on one time with each parent to feel loved, special and important
having more than one child can become over whelming to children especially when they feel like they’ve 
been placed on the back burner… you don’t mean to do it but with the way the world is these days 
kids are in school, then dinner, bath and bed and during the weekend if lucky they get to see their 
parents… if they don’t they are just an object in ones life. 

I’m a full time working parent who also works part time for myself selling Avon which well honestly doesn’t do well and I honestly NEVER MAKE ANY MONEY it’s more of a buy at a discount short of ordeal and sell to family who love the products, but that’s besides the point that’s a whole different blog in itself… I also go to school part time online as well leaving me very little time… Like most woman we work along side our spouse, partner, husband whatever you my have it…

So for my kids they are in school Monday-Friday from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm and bedtime in my house for them is 7:30 pm and on a good night 8:00 pm.

So I’ve come up with my plan to DATE MY KID along with my husband we will rotate activities… we will do this once a month with each kid.

For me I’ve got three son’s so Monday, Wednesday & Friday are my date nights with my little guys… where we can go get a special toy, go out to dinner to a place of there choosing, cuddle and watch whatever show they want to watch can be for a couple hours… time for you to give your undivided attention… Yeah that mean’s no computer games, no facebook, no what you want…. it’s all about them for the time… I tried it last night with my middle child. It was very fun and well was nice my oldest got to spend time with daddy since his baby brother goes to bed around 7 pm with no fuss. 

So for this to work you need to take into count these factors

-time of week you want to do this (basically what’s your schedule as everyone has different schedules)
-does it fall on a week night (week nights are hard when working late and keeping bedtimes)
-how many children do you have
-which days work best for you
-length of special date night (1 hour or 2 hours)
I’m married so we do this twice a month where I take the boys out one time and then we rotate and the hubby does his own special thing with the boys later in the month or first depending on how you want to do it… for us this month I started it and it’s going to be a back to back short of ordeal then we will plan them out months in advance so nothing can be placed over it. 
Make sure there is NO RESCHEDULING ALLOWED because that will show mixed signals to the child. 

please keep in mind this is your child this is time for you child to spend with you not for you to spend on social media sites and ignoring your child this is also a completely G RATED ordeal so don’t start thinking oh date you kid you must be some kind of creep.

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