Weekend Wrap-Up

Sorry y’all it’s a little late but that’s okay better than not at all. I’m a working parent so I blog when I can and well I try to make my blogs perfect.

So this weekend was filled with a lot….

Friday- REST
Saturday- Football
Sunday- REST

ha ha ha yeah that’s a lot when rest is damn near impossible with kids…


BED REST for me… FORECED to … too! I completed the task at hand and rested until 10 am when I ulitmately could’t take it anymore.

I didn’t do much besides spend time post photo’s and well spending quality time cuddling with my little man who’s just adorable especially when we get down to play cars… he’s too cute… once he went for napping the hub’s went off to go MOP for some people that’s an extra cash bonus of $40 twice a month not bad right … plus the people he mop’s for love the kids so it works out they are like extended family and well I rested a it more watching cartoons cause was too lazy to change the channel and I liked the show. SAD!
Then it was home to switch cars to get the big boys who I’d missed all day! My house isn’t the same without three running manics… Once home my energy level after an hour DRAINED … they calmed down and we curled up to watch movies I started to feel better… Bronchitis is a draining illness.



So Saturday morning I spent it with my son’s watching cartoon’s playing and well then they went up to Aunty’s Betsy’s house for a few hours from like 11am until 4pm which wasn’t bad honestly cause Kayden went for a nap and I was able to rest and a friend came over as well.

Max’s original owner holding her buddy who’s passed out…
but earlier in the day I got this adorable picture of Max & Kayden
Max and Kayden
TRUST between a Pet Owner, Child and Pet
then later that night we had FOOT BALL which I’ve already blogged about HERE
Sunday another day of rest, another day of drama for the hill and well another day my babies went to grandma and aunty’s while I stayed with my sick little man… and got to spend time with my nephew for dinner as his mom was at work.
well that was my boring but exciting and draining weekend!


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