~Uploading Photo’s to Google+ TIME CONSUMING~

Uploading Photo’s
Have you ever taken the task to upload photo’s?! I’m sure you have but have you done it after spending a day with your children? again I’m sure you have but do you take about 500 photo’s a day … that I’m sure isn’t everyone’s thing… 

I over the last few days have transferred over 10,000 photo’s to google+ of my family from before 2010 to 2013 and well that’s just the stuff off my cell phone that’s not my digital cameras… but don’t worry those are coming up this weekend…

and well that is at least a 8 gb a few times and my newly fond 16 gb sd card. yikes i’m someone who can’t get enough of pictures and photography and don’t even get me started on posting 2014’s photo’s either… I’ve already got two downloads of those… 
Steps for future downloading…
1. after you sync and download to your place of keeping pick the ones you want to share on the sites you want them on 
2. post them RIGHT AWAY
3. NEVER DELETE PHOTOS always store them on sd cards, cds or even a external hard drive 
well those are my future tips … 
that i’ve know i just actually have to follow them 

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