Moments Like This

It’s moments like this that makes me LOVE working
and having school age children
I’m a full time employee at UMass Amherst where I spend my time from 8:30 am till 4:30 pm every Monday through Friday unless campus is closed, a child is sick or I’m too sick. My children on the other hand are in school from 8 am until 5 pm Monday though Friday…

We are on a daily weekday schedule where me and the hub’s are up by 5:30 am with Kayden … we take the time to have some quality time with him before the day starts at 6:30 am with the rest of the family.

Monday-Friday Schedule:

We the parents of the house are up thanks to little man daily at 5:30/5:45 am which is nice helps us get that extra time of getting ready in and out of the window, we wake the older boys around 6:30 am so that we can attempt to leave daily for 7:30 am … and those are on the good days.

Then we are off to dropping the kids off for 8 am at their school which is nice cause it’s right on the way to my work which gives me fifteen minutes to get breakfast on the good days.

But the BEST PART OF my work day is this…

Connor & his Mum

walking to the SUV

Sean playing on the snow bank

photo bombing Sean


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