The Week That Changed Me

The Whole Truth & Nothing But The TRUTH
The Week That Changed ME!

Well as we roll into January and I’m just over coming an illness that had taken me back in December,  and well I’ve been able to come to terms with a lot of things for starters lets start with how I got ill.

So lets travel back to December 27th/28th, 2013, when my sister went to CDH (Cooley Dickinson Hospital) for the first time and spent 6 hours in the emergency room, only to walk out for refusing an IV that they felt would help her, why because she’s dealthy afraid of needles, something SHE NEEDS TO OVER COME one if she ever wants to be a parent, two if she ever wants to remain healthy. So that was something I found out cause she tagged herself there on facebook, no text or anything like that it was a facebook post, yet of course I got it the next morning cause she went in when I had passed out after a long day with work and kids as it was late Friday night early Saturday morning.
So as I figured that it wasn’t horribly bad since I hadn’t heard from here I get a frantic phone call from my sister Katie stating there was a fire truck, ambulanc, and police at my sisters appartment complex at her house, I frantically asked why and low and behold it was my sister she was going back to CDH for her asthma. (It doesn’t help she used to smoke cigs and after her stay she’s decided to quit… I’m not holding my breath)

So here’s where MY life changes and the FUN begin’s… as soon as I’m off the phone with my sister Katie I start calling my mother… first her home, last I knew she was supposed to be home, no answer well no message didn’t have time, second the cell and well that is where WORLD WAR IV starts cause oh my lord I’ve never met someone so cold. Sad to say it’s my mother that took the cake that day. I was more appauled with how she answered her phone cause me and Katie had been blowing up her phone she was pissed… WELL SORRY YOU CAN’T FEEL YOUR DAMN FEET dress better when going out… YOUR DAUGHTER who’s got ASTHMA is being rushed by AMBULANCE to CDH and would like you to be there, yet your so stuck on yourself and can’t get along with the man who helped create her you chose to stay home… to warm up… SELFISH in my eyes. So as that day went by and I spent time trying to locate a baby sitter so I could go help my sister … I got a phone call from my father requesting my mother’s presence at the hospital. So as soon as I could I got my sister in law to watch my kids until her brother got home which was three hours away… worst part was I had 8pm plans to meet a friend at a local bar and well that didn’t work much cause my mind was else where yet I did see other friends and well then went out to the 202 look out to talk to god…for what happened at the hospital was not what was to be expected…

Arrived at CDH a little after 5:45 pm and stayed until roughly 7:45 pm after we conviced my sister to get an IV which lead to another one but she was fine as she had connected with a nurse… it took my father, mother and her boyfriend to help here through it … I was the one telling the count down and keeping her going with simple cheers and having everyone keep her focused on the other side of the room. As soon as they where done it was WOW CHAMP! You did amazing! And then that’s when all hell broke loose for as she’s not a minor no ONE not even the PARENTS could stay in with her while the doctors talked to her… they went from a decent sized room to a small room and then that’s when trouble started between dad and miah and well let’s just say POLICE where called security got involved and well I just stayed out of it all… until I couldn’t locate my mother… Grrr that woman!
So once that was done and I found her we went back inside spoke to the doctor’s and then where told to wait in the waiting room ALL OF US as they where going to prep my sister to go UNDER and be put on a breathing machine… as her levels where all kinds of messed up… HEARTBEAT too HIGH and OXYGEN too LOW let’s just say she could have killer herself with a heartbeat of 179 and oxg levels of less than 50 …

That morning I was asked by a few people for rides to CDH to see my sister and was fine with it … as I thought my mother would head over herself… yet she wanted to ride with me… at that time I HAD NO BABY SITTER and the HOSPITAL wasn’t a place for my son’s so I wasn’t going until the afternoon when their Aunt could come back and watch them until their father got home again… but by the time I got a sitter and got gas in my SUV I got the notice that they where transfering as conditions had gotten worse and things had gotten more serious and at this time people have gone two days no sleep and well information was given completely wrong which happens with lack of sleep. That’s when the war started more between my mother and me for she just assumed that I wasn’t going to Hartford General and never ask either instead went to her boyfriends house for the night… SERIOUSLY your DAUGHTER is hooked up there was floating speculation that she was going to need a possible surgery and you went to your boyfriends house… Oh that had everyone flipping and no wonder why no one wanted to give you information you didn’t really seem to care. So that night in the pouring rain accidents EVERYWHERE, weather conditions in the horrible stage me with NO IDEA where I’m going ventured off with Katie to see my dad, miah and my baby sister in the ICU which just so happened to be on the 11th FLOOR, are you kidding me… I asked for stairs but was shoved on the elevator for my own health and well thankfully it was QUICK.

Saw my baby sistser but didn’t get home till 11 pm after we got stuck in the garage due to a shooting that took place less than five feet from the hospital… CRAZY but made it home safe and sound too so not to worry as I’m here writting this piece.

I left my house late late that night with Katie and my cousin Ange to head off to Hartford General also know as Hartford Hopsital to visit my sister and see my dad. That was night to REMEMBER!
That was the NIGHT Miah BROKE his GLASSES by SMASHING THEM against a wall after I told him to be quiet and not talk about the trailblazer for it’s not an issue of mine … my issue was my baby sistser, the lack of sleep and my drive home along with oh yeah my own health issues.
My drive home was no more fun than the drives out there except for the stupid CHEST PAIN I was getting because I was stressing out and well having glasses thrown by your face doesn’t help either and being tired and taking care of kids under the age of 6 adds to the body toll as well.

TUESDAY DECEMBER 31st, 2013 THE LAST DAY OF 2013 and the START to 2014
My dad came down and where informed that my Uncle would be coming off life support and he’d been on it yet we’d been so wrapped up with my sister we didn’t know. He stated until 11 pm then left for he had a drive back and didn’t want to get bogged down on the drive back.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 1st 2014 … well I’ve got nothing more to write for the rest of the story goes to my sister Katie who was out there with my dad… I called daily to check in on my sister … and to get updates from the hospital and ask questions…

There where fights between my dad and my sisters boyfriend… I wasn’t present for most but I can tell you they wheren’t pretty
There where fights between hospital and family for lack of communication and respect for the patient

My sistser ultimately LEFT AMA (Against Medical Advice)
She’s currently out of work
She’s currently walking …. and doing all this without medical help (she needed rehab)
She’s got no HEALTH INSURANCE… wait for the FINE is she don’t get some before the deadline

That’s been my life ….

From that I lost my mother for her own selfish reasons, gained a father that wasn’t there when I was a child, and became really close with my sister/cousin/friend Katie



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