Saturday Night Football 1.11.2014

Patriots v.s. Colts
Patriot’s take on the Colts in Saturday Night’s Football Game

January 11th, 2014


ha ha ha NOT REALLY

I’m a wife and mother to three boy’s but don’t worry I’m a die hard Patriot’s fan even tried for the promotional modeling squad and attempted for cheerleading squad … ain’t going to stop me from trying out again this coming year either. 
I tuned into the game last night and well made a big deal of it with a small party at my house with some kick ass food and some great people. My sis Katie, her son, my son’s and my dad while our boo’s went out for their night and ultimately caved into coming home since the missed half the game cause the bar they went to stuck them in the WAY BACK! ha ha ha that’s what they get for not listening to us GIRLS!
So we tune into the game … and we sit it gets close we get worried then when we start racking points we jump for joy calling it a game … as Patriots had the colts CAVE under pressure! 
PATS 43 COLTS 22 … if you can’t call that an ass whopping I’m not sure what you call it but damn that was a pretty intense game too. 
Well below are pictures of how are PATRIOTS PARTY WENT!

FOOD well the SNACK PORTION *chips and veggies*

Chicken and Kielbasa


ALWAYS A PATRIOTS FAN born that way!

snack shopping prior to the game

playing with the kids

Kisses for DAD



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