Fit & Healthy Page Update

Well as you know this blog is constanly under construction as I’m a mom, mum, and mum-ma of three boys sometimes four when you count the husband.

Today page update is for my FIT & HEALTHY page journal
I will try to post which pages get updates, which pages are new and what’s new to this site so that your not lost looking around either.

My goal’s with my FIT & HEALTHY page are to try to keep a solid weight of 115 pounds, increase my water intake *I’m horrible at that so I bought a britta filter water bottle at stop & shop for $9.99*, to eat healthy less fast food and greasy foods and more home cooked meals, along with more fruit and salads to increase my own health. I’m not doing this cause everyone around me is, I’m doing it to be a good role model for my children as they’ve come pron to some of their father’s bad eating habbits. So hopefully with this and trying to post about my work-outs, smart meal choosing and eating maybe I can rub off on to my kids that healthy is the way to go.


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