The Joy’s of Backing up Photo’s

The Joy’s of backing up over THOUSANDS of Photo’s

I’m a woman who’s in love with taking photo’s of just about everything and anything that 
I feel needs to be remembered… especially with three son’s that can be just about anything and everything. 

I’m not allowed back to work per medical orders until Monday, January 13th, 2014 which sucks cause I personally won’t have a full week since I’ve got a dental appointment on the 15th and court again on the 17th, but since I’m going to go insane laying in bed I choose this time to upload all my photo’s to my google+ account … if any of my bloggers have one they know that it’s a great way to keep photo’s … 

I’ve uploaded maybe four different albums with either 2000 or under photo’s all from LAST YEAR! That’s a lot of photo’s! I’m afraid to see what this year has in store for me… that’s a project for another day though… once I’m done with uploading these I’m done with uploading to google+ because my eyes… bah hahahaha I’ve been at this since 5 pm. 

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