Please WATCH, Please SHARE, lets SAVE a LIFE

I’m a mother to three son’s that drive down roads daily
I share the road with all kinds of drivers 
I’d be devastated if this happened to myself, my husband, my family, 
a friend or anyone…. No one should suffer like this so let’s stop it before
it happens.

I’m a mother to three son’s that are my world, my life and everything to me. I’m not only a mother but I’m a daughter, sister, aunt, niece, and friend. I am all for safe driving because the lord as my witness know’s that if anything happened to my children … hell wouldn’t just freeze over there’d be a war. But that’s besides the point, the point is we shouldn’t have to constantly remind people to slow down, drive safe it’s something that you are taught in driving school if you go and taught when you learn from anyone who’s teaching you. Below is a link to a video that my husband shared with me that touched him 
Please take the time to watch this video, share this video on all your social media sites, let’s make it stand out their in everyone’s minds so that maybe we can save a life before a life’s taken and it’s too late… I’m a big advocate for safe driving especially when it comes to driver and passenger safety. Come motorcycle season you’ll see more posts from this site for I’ve got a lot of family members and friends who own motorcycles. 

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