Josh Clark & The Shorty Awards

Josh Clark and the Shorty Awards

Wow, I’m wicked impressed and really excited. I don’t know this person personal but I feel like he’s someone I’d get along with along with and well I’d think I’d get along with most his friends too. He’s a real person before you start questioning things and well he’s just plan out right funny guy who keeps life real. I’ve watched him on Vine, followed him on Instagram and well he’s got a adorable son and a cute girlfriend and kick ass friends, I even follow him on twitter and finally got a follow back … yeah that made my night, gotta say that totally made my night after the past few weeks, but back to Josh and the Shorty Award. 
A quick blurb about the Shorty Award it’s designed to give recognition to every day people and all their fun, creative, and amazing things they do. It’s pretty neat and well it’s my first time hearing about them but it’s real and they’ve got their own page and well they’ve done it not once, twice but we are heading on the 7th time this year. 
So with that I want to share his profiles with you because he deserves this SHORTY AWARD (if you aren’t familiar with the shorty award click it and it will bring you to their page) that he’s been nominated for and well he’s got some amazing vines that have had me, my family and friends laughing and wanting more, if you get a chance check the links out and follow him. 
Below are links to his Vine, Twitter, & The Shorty Award Page for him so please check out his vine’s and then vote for him he really has out done himself with creativity and well the fact that his got such awesome friends and family to support him in these are amazing. He’s truly just an average day american sharing his life. 
My Favorite Vines
He’s very creative with all his vines …  check them out! 
Good Luck Josh and hopefully you get a shorty award! 

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