Bronchitis and Sinus Infection

Fighting Bronchitis & a Sinus Infection
I’ve been sick since 12.29.2013 and well I’m still working on 
getting better!

Over the course of my sister’s illness that lead her from one hospital to another I managed to contract an illness myself. I didn’t eat well nor sleep well because I was too worried about my sister who was in the ICU. 

So on Monday I e-mailed out and well Tuesday I was feeling worse and didn’t have much of a voice and was starting to get scared that I might have contracted the flu so I asked my boss what my options where and was told to stay home so shortly after getting home from dropping the boys off to school I called and set myself up a doctors appointment which the soonest they could see me was 1:25 pm so I had to make sure I didn’t miss it… I had six hours to rest yet found myself playing some games on my iPad and texting with my sis Katie… along with my dad. Then it was off to get my sister who needed to hit up Walgreen’s and get her medication. At my appointment I found out I had not only an Sinus Infection but a lovely case of Bronchitis and was dumb founded when I was told the news too I thought I’d had just the flu which apparently I didn’t get… yet if I didn’t rest I was going to get worse.

JOYFUL Bronchitis and a Sinus Infection

Prescriptions but still needed to get Sinex to keep nose area moist and some airborne to help from getting worse

My medication and those drops aren’t bad either!

So as of today January 8th, 2014 I’ve gone a total of  11 days sick, today wasn’t as bad yet I couldn’t really breath and couldn’t really break the fact that I felt like I was freezing ALL DAMN DAY! 

I’m excited yet nervous with going back to work… I might do a half day just so I don’t over do it. As for these cold days and the walk to and from my car could cause my breathing issues to flair up and cause some crazy problems for myself… so well here I go day two on medication still not feeling 100% let alone 50% which is sad but it’s the truth… being a mum-ma times three and fighting these two illnesses at the same time is actually draining. 


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