… Ringtones … & Websites

I love my iPhone but I miss my RING TONES
and well I’m not one for spending a dollar for a 30 second blurb of a song… 
I used to use a site called MYXER back in the day before iPhones and smartphones… and then even when I had a smartphone it was still usable. 
My sister Katie shared with me this site that her daughter got her hooked on PhoneZoo and well it was neat and then shockingly I found another two sites and well they are better than the site she showed me and I’m a happy camper too. 
My favorite site is Zedge which is nice… the second site I found when looking for a particular song that has special meaning to me okay well two song’s that have special meaning to me… and this site is called Mobiles24. Zedge and Mobiles24 has better sound quality and more to offer. 
I enjoy these sites and once I’m more familiar with them I can’t wait to use my music to make my own ringtones too. Well I hope you check those sites out … and well they work for most phones, which is nice cause not everyone I know has an iPhone and it gives you the list of phones and manufactures too choose from. So if you check out the sites you can register for free and well see how it goes … I’ve downloaded 61 tones and well I love them so do the kids. 

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