The New Name & The New URL

Okay… so after having it brought to my attention I was copying someone I went on a long thought process even tried to get reader input yet no one answered my questions, one person gave an idea but it was way too similar to someone else plus if you lined up the letters you got these variations

and I wasn’t for that let alone people would have stuff to say… 
I got tired of being considered the girl lost with no direction … my blog is mostly about my life and my family so what better name that my last name… 
So my bloggers name HATTS FAMILY and my URL is simple 
and fits my blog… 
my blog is about a family the photos will constantly change along with name as the years go on along with the possibility of my URL … 
I’ll I know is that a family of five is what I have… a family that’s constantly growing… between love, family and pets 
My blog is and only run and designed by me… I don’t ask people for help in my designs cause I don’t need people accusing me of stealing there layouts and such the design I have is a blogger basic template that I customized… the photos that are used are sololy mine unless other wise noted … My blog is not a hobby of any kinda I’m making it a nightly thing to do either via my cell or off my desktop or laptop… a way to release stress, share excitement and well to share my life with you all… Enjoy!!!! 
So please follow along as I’ll be making new headers all the time, as my pages will constantly update… as my blog name could change and even my URL could too… I’m trying to keep a basic smooth blog that is easy for my readers. 
If you’d like to put input in on my blog… all the way to layout, pictures, pages, anything contact me at

well that’s it for now… enjoy and constantly watch for new things. 

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