Chunky Monkey Man’s Birthday Party & Birthday

Happy Third Birthday Connor! 
On January 6 in 2011 … I awoke to a sharp pain that had me jump  out of bed just in time for as my WATER BROKE, and well I wasn’t honestly sure if it was my water breaking or my body just not having control over itself and accidentally pissing on the damn bedroom floor. So … sadly had to wait to hear from my OB-GYN Office after their business hours and wait FOR APPOINTMENT … an appointment… which was fine cause we thought we had a whole month to go… But sure enough I was in ACTIVE LABOR and well I was going to give birth if I wanted to or not… so OFF to HOME I went to pack a Hospital Bag with permission from my OB-GYN doctor for as I left all medical papers at home with all ID’s at home cause I didn’t think I was head strong in LABOR… Until I got home and realized that I was having CONTRACTIONS Yikes! 

So here we are three years later… one very smart and handsome little man and well A LIFETIME more of happiness, health and fun for this boy! 

Happy 3rd Birthday Connor

Now Time for PHOTO’s:

Tickling Grandpa Weagle 

That was made by the awesome new google+ feature… it’s pretty neat … and well it really adds to the moment to keep it alive. … now back to the photo’s!

Connor & his GIFTS 


so happy 🙂 

SLACKER and Jackie 

Katie Full Throttle 

Hubby, K-Man, and Grandma Shirley 

Cuz David, Cuz GG, Lyd’s and Katie Full Throttle 

ha ha ha Katie Full Throttle, Crazy Coo Coo and Mikey

Dad & Me 

Panoramic View 

Opening GIFTS 

Birthday Boy


nothing like a TRUCK 

Bike Helmet 

off Little Man goes with his brothers toy

Opening Grandpa’s Gift 

dun dun dun Pew Pew Pew 

this gift made me cry a little knowing that my Nana may she rest in peace you used to get my son’s

he’s got a lot of gifts

opening his cards 

Love This Photo

he’s so careful 

*I think I’m done with Pizza*

Me & the Birthday Boy


tickle war

ready … set … 

TOUCH THE CEILING … or not… lol 

sad Grandpa silly Connor 

having fun being  kids

YUM and the mountain ain’t CAKE it’s PURE FROSTING

Aunty Nicky and her god son 🙂 

Birthday Boy at School 


I love this little life changer … he came on his time marches to the beat of his own drum and still does to this day
he’s my PEANUT, my Chunky Monkey and my Baby!


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