So it’s supposed to horribly chilly like -20 degrees to be exact.

I left my house at 7:30 pm on January 3rd and my truck read the temp at
I had to do some running around some of which I didn’t mind others I did but oh well such is life. I helped my big sis pick out an iPhone and made her TEAM IPHONE and she loves her new toy. She of course took a few minutes to get used to and was going to get a PINK PHONE well that was until she saw what the PINK phone looked like then went WHITE except mine’s no longer white for I went up in phones to the iPhone 5s added security … that comes in handy with three son’s. 
But after doing all that the temp. had def. dropped as when I got home and placed my SUV in park and right before shutting it off snapped a picture of the temp. it was clear as day a nice brisk… 
and that was at exactly 10:15 pm and if my math is still as a good as it once was that mean’s it dropped 10 degrees in less than 3 hours… burrr
I’ll never know what the temp. actually got to as my sorry as passed out after taking medication for my illness that my sister gave me and my father…  and even if I was awake I doubt my butt would have gone outside. 

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