I’m READY for this CHAPTER

Reflection of 2013 and Embracing 2014

Dear 2013,
  You shared a lot of life lessons with me and taught me a lot along the way. I’m 24 still and well  still very young, I’m a wife and mother times three. I am ready for you to end 2013 and 2014 to start so with that I’m saying goodbye on good notes and terms.

January 2013 you gave me my son’s second birthday, my mother’s birthday and love from family and friends, well slipping into February 2013 you gave me love from valentines day to my birthday and jump starting March of 2013 you’ve given me my IRISH DAY bah haha ha … taught me who my friends where and who my family was. April 2013 showed me funny moments with APRIL FOOLS day and three kids to gang up on me with daddy, when May 2013 came in I celebrated birthdays and 2 years of marriage! Which flung us to June 2013 with a FATHER’s Day like no other and birthdays too! Which fires us to July 2013 when we celebrate this 4th and birthdays as well along with learning that some family don’t mix with other’s friends we’ve made it clear that we gotta keep peace. Which leads to August 2013 when I got my job offer to work at UMass and without hesitation jumping on it and taking it while setting up my kids daycare which flow into September 2013 when they officially started and well it was a first for me and daddy and well we cried a little and laughed a little well loved the moments. Now to November 2013 with the first birthday of little man and family holidays to ER nights with scares and frights… I became stronger than most and well truly knew who I could count on… till we rolled into December 2013 when I finished the year off with a BANG except missing a key part as they layed in medical coma for asthma that was so serious we where very scared and worried. (that’s another blog btw)…

So here we are January 1st 2014 … I’m still 24, I’m still a wife, I’m still a mother times three and I’m enjoying my life with my people in it… I will never have to explain myself, my life to anyone… I write it in pen so excuse me while I enjoy living instead of erasing and rewriting to fit what others are doing.

BRING ON 2014!!!!


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