2014 Goals & Ambitions

Well now that 2013 has come to a wrap and I’ve got some down time to think about what I want to improve and change in my forth coming years I’ve realized that it’s not much.

My 2014 Goals & Ambitions 
-start saving for vacations, holidays, and birthdays
-to try to maintain a healthy diet… to keep a steady weight nothing below 120/115 lbs if I can help it 
-to spend some more one on one time with each of my kids doing an activity they want to do 
-to rest a little more so my immune system doesn’t suck
-to not let myself get stuck in the ruts either 
In 2013 I feel victim to many people and their irrational opinions of myself for as they didn’t know me they knew what I wanted them to know… and that of others saying certain people where talking about you and while sadly some or most of it was true I shouldn’t have that get to me as much as I did because maybe at one point I thought them to be a valued person in my life. 
I learned a lot about my family in 2013 as well which some came as a shock while other things didn’t so it wasn’t as bad as most think either I just cut a lot of people out… which was for the better. 
I gained some amazing friends as well and I’m truly thankful for it too… but as 2014 has come to start I think they are better yet left in the past with the rest of that part of my life. 
I’m not making goals I can’t achieve I’m making goals that are realistic and idealistic. Some may find them crazy yet some may find it inspiring.

So let’s recap…

When making your goals don’t make goals you can’t keep make goals that are achievable but have some tug to them, make a small list don’t make something with a 100 goals by set dates either that just adds stress to the new year with defining limits… 
So for me to start saving money I need to wait till tax season… that’s not hard that is right around the corner and I’m okay with that. 
For the eating healthier to maintain a better weight I’ve subconsciously started already and it’s honestly amazing what the mind and body can do.
To spend more time with my kids will be tricky but worth it … once a week I will take one kid and do something special with them … take them to dinner, play a game with them and then it will allow one date night for my husband and myself (I can blog more on this).
for the resting I will spend less time stressing the little things and try to go to bed a little earlier since I’m apparently a night hawk and eventually I wind up sick from lack of sleep. 
for the ruts of my life I will do better to let the issues that arise be taken care of in a neater fashion and to ignore those of who are jealous of me for as I will never change who I am for anyone it’s a value of me that I love… haters will hate it’s just that simple
“I write my life the way I want it not how others see it” as I’m the author writing in pen and mistakes are shown… 
Well bring on 2014 you’ll be a year to remember and year of new things!!!! 
It’s a new year not a new me just a different way of approaching life … my life that is! 

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