A Mum-ma’s Friday Night Out

Well as y’all know I’m 24, married and am a mum-ma, mom, & mummy to three boys. They all call me their own version of mother and I’m fine with that. I work full time at UMass Amherst and Part Time running my own line of Avon yet with Avon I don’t make any money and I don’t care I do it so I can buy products and help family and friends buy as well. I go to school part time as well for Teaching and am going back for Administrative Assistant. I’m up at 5:45 am and in bed by 11 pm just to repeat the days unless it’s a weekend then is 7:30 wake up. So last night was my night to be an adult, see adults, chill with friends and well have fun. I don’t go out every week, or weekend I basically stay home most of the time. So when I go out I usually go out to the run down newly renovated Snowzee’s in Sunderland. A place where I spent my 21st, a place where I grew up and learned about the bar scene. I of course got my chance to go out last night and just so happened to be a DJ night and of course my buddy DJs so I was in good hands for music. My buddies who I chilled with work at Umass and well used to work for the bar. So I was well watched as well. I meet up with some high school buds and bounced between the groups I hang with from the bar regulars, to the younger crowd which had me and my friends age range…

So between that I clearly spent $27 on alcohol and well gave $10 away in tips cause I love my bartender she’s the best and she well knows me … plus she makes a killer Irsh Trash Can 🙂
Well now it’s time for the fun… PICTURES!!!!

I’m here at the new bar 🙂 cute as a button of course just eye liner and mascara I don’t need much make up 

oh these two take for ever with the music and it’s comical 

those silly boys … one to the left is my coworker and my body guard 

my buddy Shawn and a mutual friend Dave ( went to school with both of then they are unaware of this photo ) I’m sneaky and my challenge is to well get my coworker I work with and well ha ha ha he’s gonna owe me a snickers bar 

it was a year ago and party crashed that I met these two and my life’s been nothing but fun since then … great friends good people and a friendship that truly is awesome * that’s me STRINGBEAN *

I stole my buddy’s hat and well what do ya know it looks good on me

sometimes I take bathroom selfies and look too cute … ha ha ha yeah I’m weird

I spent $27 on booze, $10 on tips and went home sober and left with great memories … all have to snag pictures from my buddy who got me to so the splits … lol of course I’m feeling it now. 
Well that’s what this mum-ma, mom, and mummy does on her down time. She becomes a person again as if she wasn’t before. 


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