Bright Nights at Forest Park 12.22.13

The Hatt Family & M. Fuller Photography explore Bright Nights
Every year since 200 when we first went my husband, myself, and our new born son have made it a family tradition to go to bright nights, and well although it never changes it’s still fun to go and look at. So we attempted this trip Friday, December 20th but this mum-ma got wicked sick and well we post-poned it to Sunday, December 22nd and it was still fun and no one was sick… we just had a fussy baby who didn’t want to sit anymore…

So we well decided to meet my husband at Balise or well the collision center to drive over since we’d go right after he go out of work. Well that was interesting since we got there seriously ONE hour early oops! But that wasn’t the best part of the night… ha ha ha and by that I mean security actually came to question us … ha ha ha picture below

gotta love when security rolls up and thinks you gonna steal some shitty as cars from Balise… like seriously i’m waiting for my husband who works across the lot

And well here’s some of the pictures from Bright Nights!

thanks google+ awesome feature 

another google+ awesome feature 


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