Christmas Day 2013

Hatt’s Christmas 2013
Wishing you a Wonderful & Merry Christmas
along with a Delightful & Bright New Years
Well let’s see I guess Santa didn’t realize that their was a space requirement as for we lost a door and couch from all the gifts. Keep in mind these are gifts from myself and my husband, my mother and brother, my sister & her family, SANTA, and my mother in law and sister in law. Which is nice for sometimes my husband and I can’t aford a lot of gifts then again I’m also trying to curb the spoiling side of it, for it’s a day not about gifts but presences of being with the ones you truly love.
Christmas for us started the night before but that was okay it’s kind of a family thing, but for us WE as in my husband and I hadn’t even thought of wrapping our gifts for as we waited to last minute shop of course which is never smart yet seems to happen practically every year … so on Christmas Eve we spent much of our night trying to coax my middle son to go to sleep so Santa could come and well so we could wrap gifts. Around 11 pm on Christmas Eve we where able to under way the Christmas wrapping and getting gifts from my husbands family to place under the tree. We finished wrapping and getting the gifts under the tree at around 2:30 Christmas morning and finally settled down to sleep around 2:45 *that of course was me cause at that point I was done for* and my husband at 3 am only to be awoke at 7:30 by all three boys and I must say my older boys where amazing they came up and well RAN up and jumped on us explaining that Santa had come and well sleep stopped and we where all up and well … all let the pictures explain the rest… 🙂
Gifts *Christmas 2013* All The Gifts
what the tree looked like with just the gifts from my husband & myself with my mom’s
Connor with mummy

Sean with mom

Kayden with mum-ma
Daddy handing out gifts

All three boys waiting so patiently *my babies are so good*

Baby Kayden watching what’s going on

opening gifts *Kayden & Connor*

right before that box flew at me … lol yeah it was nice of him

One of my favorite pictures from Christmas was this picture of all of them playing with lego’s!
Sad to say it but this year we didn’t get many or any pictures of Christmas dinner at my house… probably cause we where all so hungry we got straight to it but all share what I’ve got not many but that’s cause we where too busy enjoy each others company.
My Cousin Bryan and myself *we the hot heads of our families*

busting out in the back of Dad’s pick up

we look so thrilled… lmfao

the Sexy Country Hubby and the Adorable Whiskey Bella

Connor dancing all around the living room
Crystal n her boo at the table with the kids and me … we had people all through out my house lol
 another dinner shot … not much was left 

Well that was my Christmas … I’ve of course got other photo’s and all do a seperate blog on that just of photos!

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