Christmas 2013 What a Holiday *Christmas Eve 2013*

Wow Christmas Eve and Christmas 2013 over and amazing!
This year Christmas Eve and Christmas it self was amazing, for as I was able to see and visit a lot of family that meant a lot to me. I got to also celebrate a cousin’s birthday and wish a great friend a birthday wish as well.
Christmas Eve 2013:
Merry Christmas Eve to all … I celebrated Christmas with my mother and her father with my siblings. We all are grown up and we all have families and lives and well it’s the easier of the days and nights to see one another.  So as soon as I got out of work which was nice as I was out at 1pm since my son’s school had a half day ending at 1:30 I was home by 2pm with them and well it was nice since my husband got out of work at 12noon and well sadly a little late due to some work complications and was home at the same time as me and the kids which they loved as they where able to spend time with him. I spent my time sitting on the floor wrapping family gifts and yet managed to forget my brother in law miahs until we went through all the gifts again 😦 oops me really sorry… but it was nice for a Christmas gift at my house.
So as I saw and wrapped all those gifts that where brought to Christmas Eve Christmas the boys played with their toys and beat up on daddy while the had the time too… and well we had them put candy canes on the tree (it wasn’t really decorated this year we slacked off way too much and I will be happy to take it down this week it’s not staying up too long this time)

wrapping Christmas gifts on Christmas eve right before the party

gifts and snacks for the family celebration of Christmas
 OUTFIT 🙂 *same cute outfit I wore to work too!*
It seriously took me 2 hours to wrap every gift and eventually I had help from Sean and the Hub’s cause I was getting over whelmed. … eeeps over did it again!

So before we ventured off to my Grandpa’s house I had to swing by my mother’s house… which was nice cause I was able to sneak a gift in FROM SANTA to my mom. I then declined to know anything about which was under the tree … as for this was the ultimate gift… something from her childhood that was found. Then we where back on the road to my grandfather’s house for some family fun. We arrived a little after 6pm sadly we tried to get their on time yet that never fails we show up a little late each time.

Digging In

Trying to be sneaky

Sisters and well Brothers… lol Family on Christmas Eve

Family … Brother in law, brother and mother
 of course after we stuff our faces full of yummy finger foods cause that’s just how we roll we venture off to the main room the Family room 
Kayden opening gifts

Sean opening his gift

4 Generations (CLICK IT)

Mother & Daughter 

I’m the present 

Son, brother, grandfather, brother in law

Husband, Sister, Uncle Becky, Mother and Little man

Mum-ma and her fussy little man *over tired*

Going to BOSTON TOWN with Uncle Becky 


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