Oh My Oh My …. I’ve got two days to finish up the Christmas Shopping!!!!
I seriously thought I was complete on Friday but damn I was wrong!

  On Friday I took the day off to go shopping but spent most of my day gathering funds to pay bills and well did some shopping and well shopped and bought more than planned price wise yet realized that well uhm yeah I managed to forget some things… I’m having to take Monday off to finish shopping and well eeps I’ve also got a WIC appointment that is going to suck the life out of me. So basically Mondays my last day to complete everything and that includes wrapping presents and getting my days self and the kids ready for what’s in store for us. No shopping on Sunday for as we are taking our yearly Bright Nights trip that was supposed to take place Friday yet this mum-ma got sick and well the sickness didn’t even end with me it bailed the ones who are dinner that night which sucked cause we all really wanted to go.
So today I chose to not shop either for I was just getting over being sick and my youngest had the worst day for he was teething and just wanted to sleep and cuddle and well I was game for a lazy day prepping for Christmas. 
And you can’t Christmas shop with three boys especially when your getting them gifts that’s just like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos it just doesn’t work. 
Then tomorrow’s Sunday so even if I tried to accomplish something after bright nights it’s pretty impossible so that really only leaves me MONDAY and I’m starting to feel overwhelmed with Christmas… I’ve never felt so rushed ever but this year it came up hide behind my pack then snuck in front of me like seriously a week ago and well dang I wish for the life of me I’d fallow through with the lovely New Years resolutions. 
*which all blog about shortly* 
Well I wish you all a very Merry and wonderful Christmas and joy though-out the new year. 
Good-Luck shopping for all you last minute shoppers like me 🙂 

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