… What’s in store of Duck Dynasty? …


It’s quite the chatter this Duck Dynasty and before you question me to if I’m a fan or not … you can bet your bottom dollar this country Bella is, I am a Catholic who believes in the Freedom of Speech and the right to say what you want and I’m with Phil for being able to speak his mind, I’m for God as he’s our savor. So with that does it make me wrong … no I’m human, I’ve got friends and family that go as we say both ways, does that make me hate or love them any less … No it doesn’t do I understand it no do I want to … NO, because I’m for that tradition a man loves a woman and a woman loves a man. I accept it as for  I am not to judge thy neighbor but love them. For Phil didn’t speak anything I’ll he was simply speaking the bible for which he lives by. He’s a man of religion after almost loosing himself and all he’d worked for, for his own sin’s for he was lost but then found so for him to speak his mind and quote the bible does that make him anyless wrong, NO and I’m sure most of you are probably think I’ve gone and lost my mind but no I haven’t I am a firm believer we all have the right to speak our mind and say what we want for as it’s our first amendment in the consitution and well he lost his job because he said some things that he believes… that’s like me stating that I shouldn’t have to PRESS ONE  for English the people from out of my state should conform to my language and should learn our ways and that Under god shouldn’t be taken off our money and removed along with stoping the morning pledge of aledgence but those are all different topics but all stem from Freedom of Speech and my feelings and opinions of those topics. Yeah I’m sure I’ve rambled but for A&E to can him for what they KNEW when they started this show it’s saddening and sickening, people where upset cause they hunted, people where aware of this when this show started why should they have to cut it out and why can’t they say their prayers on national television for the simple fact it upsets people well if it’s that easy don’t watch it for as they have the right to say what they want, do what they want and live how they want. But enough about this it’s time to wrap this with me saying that I stand with Phil, I’m not watching A&E until they realize they’ve done wrong, I’m not buying Duck Dynasty products all go all way buying Duck Commander and Buck Commander products for I don’t want A&E to profit of them after they remove the main person to lead this family. 
So please I’m sure most will agree and most will disagree but realize he’s withing his rights to feel, say and do what he wants as for he was speaking the bible and didn’t do anything wrong except people who choose to go against the bible for their own reasons have seen to made this a big deal. As my mother would say to each their own so do on to others as you’d want to have done on to you. 

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