Mother & Child / Father & Child Art Craft

A Family Art Craft
“I shall attempt this… this weekend with my family- will make for neat Christmas Gifts as you can just do the child’s hand’s and date the item”
What you’ll need:
1.)  1/2 cup of salt
2.) 1/2 cup flour
3.) 1/4 cup water (give or take)
mix all ingredients 
roll up and press adult hand first
then press child’s hand on top adults 
bake in oven for 3 hours at 100• degrees
Once it’s done in the oven and cooled off you’ll need the following
1.) Newspaper (lay on top of flat surface best place is a table)
2.) Paint (a assortment of colors)
3.) Paint brushes (a assortment of sizes)
Facebook Post that was shared by a friend that was then sent to me in a facebook message for I’ve got son’s that are into arts & crafts along with myself. 

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