PARENTING … things you should know & be aware of….

While scrolling through my facebook feed I saw a post from my Aunt Michael that she’d shared… She’s a mother to a beautiful baby girl, so the article was of relevance and it caught my attention as it states “PARENTING YOU NEED TO KNOW” well as soon as I saw that my hand to eye movement was too in tune that before I knew it I had clicked the link to read about CAR SEAT REGULATIONS and that the law on Car Seats would be changing in 2014 which is in less than 15 days. So as a mother of three who has two son’s in car seats and one in a booster seat I caught myself reading this whole article and then realizing that this is something that needs to be addressed before the end of the year so we may save the lives of many little innocent children heaven forbid anything should happen… so this really is PARENTING WE ALL SHOULD KNOW… I’m sure most probably have heard yet some might not have. I know if you have a BMC/MassHealth cars seat they don’t talk to you much after they ship you your car seat. But that’s okay that’s what the web and other parents are for. So before I rant to much the facts you should know…

Starting in 2014
new recommendation states that the LATCH system should no longer be used when the child and car seat combined weight is over 65 lbs

car-seat (2)
Here’s an image and don’t worry folks all credit the site with attaching their link for it’s filled with more information but I’d figure I’d get the big parts out in case some folks choose to skip that part.



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