PTSD: Post Tramtic Stress Disorder 

Post-traumatic stress disorder
Post-traumatic stress disorder is a type of anxiety disorder. It can occur after you’ve seen or experienced a traumatic event that involved the threat of injury or death.

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As most of you possibly have read I’m a young woman who’s been through a lot yet won’t let that stand in my way of living, this article is to help you become aware of issues that I feel aren’t talked about nearly enough. PTSD is a big one… for most people don’t know what it means. It’s a stress disorder that can stem down from many different things. I was bullied as a child and sometimes still am it’s something that doesn’t go away and everyone is guilty of it so please don’t sit there reading this with a smug look saying who me cause yes it’s you and me I’m sure I’ve done my fair share as a child I’ve tried to better myself as a person and human by not allowing myself to make mistakes that I try to stand for. So for starters PTSD can result from bullying due to the constant fear of being degraded and put down, another form of PTSD is a if you’ve ever been in a car accident *I’m not talking fender bender he bumped me she bumped me ordeal* I’m talking bout head on colisions, roll overs, and well one car a top the other car, and sadly I’m a victim of that I was in a very bad car accident in 2008 right before I found out I was pregnant, so talk about being lucky. PTSD is also something that can be sent down the family line just like anxiety, depression and other wacky and not so wacky illnesses that people feel the need to poke at and say are all in your head. Well to be honest most of them stem from the head.

My PTSD is something I’ve learned to over come … okay I can’t say i’m fully 100% better cause NO ONE who gets PTSD can over come it completely we just learn to deal with it. For I’ve never clinicly been diagnoised with it for I’d fight with the people who’d I seen for help they saw signs and triggers in my life before I’ve gotten to where I’ve gotten. I used to be on medication for anxiety and depression that resulted in family issues that well now no longer are in my way of living a good and normal life. For me PTSD is mainly the fear from my car accident and since I’ve got three little children I’m sure you can all udnerstand why that’s a fear that will run my life until the day of my demise for there is no real way around travels.

I hated saying I was a VICTIM of PTSD, BULLYING and well my EATING DISORDER because that right there gave people more power to say there was something wrong with me. I’m 24, I work-full time, I raise three son’s with the help of my husband, we live in a house, we have animals so I’m not letting my PTSD run my life, not letting bullying take over my life and I’ve come to terms with the eating disorder. I’m much aware that PTSD can have bigger problems that I can’t for the unforseen of me comprehend. I know soilders and vet’s suffer from this daily and NO ONE REALLY understands what they are going through unless sadly you’ve gone through something that constantly haunts you.

I want people to know that PTSD isn’t made up that it’s real and that it can be caused by all kinds of things but don’t just use this as an excuse and say I’ve got it cause once you’ve branded yourself with it there really is no undoing it. I’m not saying that I’d love to go back to being PTSD Free and no it’s nothing that can be cured with a happy go lucky pill and boom you never deal with it again, it’s something that you practically take the grave for it’s a part of you. So here’s some helpful things to know.

PTSD: Post-tramtic Stress Disorder can stem down from any of the following and they aren’t all listed here

-Car Accident
-Domestic Abuse
and more if you want more please address the link HERE

these are some of the most common ones but as we are all aware everyone handles life and stress differently  so here are some symptoms that you can watch out for but please don’t go off saying to someone you don’t know that they have PTSD or to a family member talk to them alone and address your concern for a thought that they could have PTSD because if you just say it they will retract and hide and ultimately the illness will win.

-nightmares that constantly repeat
-if you notice someone’s detached
-lack of contration
-constant servalance of surrounds

again please don’t just race to judgement for that is not what this article or blog is about it’s to address the concern of lack their of concern for people who actually suffer from PTSD.

For those reading this article please realize that I’m giving the key pointers so that you may address a possible thing and talk to a professional I don’t need people thinking I’m a professional… I suffered from PTSD, I’ve talked to therapists before and well they didn’t like me cause I don’t hold back from just about everything and anything. I want people to know that their are people out there like them and that you can get help and that help is out there waiting for you.

Take it from a victim of many unforseen things you’ll never want to face these things alone. I’d rather be able to learn how to deal with some of the minor issues while still being able to seek help from others when needed.

I will address Stress, Anxiety and Depression in a later blog as for my goal before the end of the year is to get out as many things I feel need to be addressed that aren’t addressed for the fear of god only knows what. So please take the time to sit down and seriously think some of these things over for it could not only change your life but the life of someone else around you.

*article was written by A. Hatt and information was gathered from personal experience and some from link below that has been mentioned a few times in the words of HERE in this article if you feel that you’re a person who suffers from PTSD contact you’re local doctor and seek medical advice on what to do next for they are the only one’s who can truly say what you suffer from*


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