Being a Victim of ….

and what it is 

What is Bullying

Aggressive behavior may be bullying depending on what happened, how often it happens and who it happens to. Find out what bullying is and what the different types are. You can also learn more about other topics related to bullying. *please check HERE
I am 24 years young and I can say that I’m a victim of bullying. I was bullied all through out my life and still am it doesn’t stop once you become an adult it’s just cruel factor of life that isn’t taken to seriously at the work place nor in the school environment where it’s seen more. Bullying can have many effects to a person worse one being suicide, and no I’m not joking it’s been seen more and more these days. And no I wasn’t ever to that point where it got to the point I wanted to end my life but I’m sad to say I knew of a man who took his own life for reasons we will fully never understand and no matter how we try to sit and ponder we never fully will. 
I come from a broken and blended family for as both my parents had moved on so my family grew on my fathers side more so as I’m the second oldest in all seven siblings but first oldest in the United States for my older sister was born in Germany and still lives there as well… but that’s another blog entry and for this broken gamy life style I was living the other children around me felt the need to use it against me and single me out for the weird one. My natural red hair that now everyone tries to copy was another huge factor (which why this year I finally dyed it brown which looked black!) and yet it still bothers me for some weird reason. My teeth weren’t perfect they also weren’t sparkly white like everyone else’s and there wasn’t anything I could do except my normal visits to the dentist, and brush them yet it wasn’t enough and sometimes still isn’t and that probably why you’ll never see me smile with my teeth … I’ve train myself that way you could say. 
But verbal abuse wasn’t the only type of bullying I received so don’t just sit their and think it’s oh girls that get bullied your heavily mistaken and don’t think it’s a one way street it goes every direction. I was pushed, shoved, attempted to be THROWN OUT yet I got in trouble for using self defense and I’m not joking my mother can back that up and from then on I watch my back everywhere I go from just walking down the street to when I’m out alone shopping. It’s kind of scary to think about but it but it does happen. My being bullied didn’t help my self image it actually tore it down and shattered my image of myself to the point I started wearing sweat pants and just avoiding pretty much everyone except the people that I knew I could trust.

Even till my adult life I’ve been picked on not only by strangers but even by family, to them it’s harmless joking yet they don’t for see the adverse effect of it …

Signs of someone being bullied:

  1. Unexplained injuries
  2. Lost or destroyed clothing, books, electronics, or jewelry
  3. Difficulty sleeping or frequent nightmares
  4. Changes in eating habits, like suddenly skipping meals or binge eating. Kids may come home from school hungry because they did not eat lunch
  5. Feelings of helplessness or decreased self esteem
  6. Self-destructive behaviors such as running away from home, harming themselves, or talking about suicide
  7. If you want more information please feel free to check out this amazing page Stop Bullying I’m a very for this issue and getting it addressed for it’s another issue that should have been addressed many years ago before it got way out of hand. 

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