Yearly Bright Nights Adventure

So this became a family tradition the year my son was born as for I had never been and he was fascinated with lights and many family members had talked about it on my husband side of the family, for now my interest was intense for as you see having the internet and computer we did along with our printer I googled the phrase “Bright Lights” and well to my dismay yes it’s sad and it’s true but that was 5 years ago and well that search was siminglessly wrong and it suggested “Bright Nights” and so the curious person that I was clicked the link for said phrase and was brought to this very page Bright Nights Home Page and as I navigated through the page and found out the hours and operations of this beautiful event that happened every year since oh who knows when … I became very pleased with the good reviews and well decied that it was time I saw this place first hand. So after serching the site I cam across this page on the site CLICK HERE COUPON which saves you $3.00 off admission *with exclusions of course* … so of course that didn’t take much convance to the hub’s as I was just make sure that it fell on his night off shift … which since I was in charge of the schedule I did so well.  It was a blast and every year since we’ve gone and it’s never once disappointed me or the kids. We’ve gone with their was no snow on the ground it was neat but it’s ten times better if there is snow cause it gives an added sparkle.

I can’t wait for Friday this week as we are taking our yearly trip to Bright Nights and this time we are taking yet again for her second or third time Miss M. Fuller Photography, for she had never been until we took her hence the I’d never gone as that’s my mother. We’ve taken my husbands mother once before as well and that was still a blast and even taken my LOVE Nicky who’s my son’s god mother who’d never been either. We hope to one year rent a horse drawn wagon to go … we just have to watch cause it’s a costly event since you still have to pay to get into the park which is silly… yet I’m assuming it’s two different things.

But that’s my yearly tradition among the others I’ve got… so check it out if you have kids and if you don’t it’s fun for all ages… all be sure to post pictures from this year and all hunt down mine from years before.


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