Western Massachusetts *Ice, Snow & Nature*

So today I called out of work due to weather that was going to well damper the day yet I was leaving early anyways for a dental appointment then my children’s school closed early anyways so either way I was out of work for a few hours and prepared for a snow storm that hasn’t well ended up in my neck of the woods. 

Today I dropped my babies off to school for 8:30 am late of course due to trying to figure out if they where going to remain open due to Amherst-Pelham Public schools being closed. So while they did that I ran to town did what I had to do then ran home to finish some paperwork for my son’s appointment but snagged some pictures of some really neat nature, snow and ice that surrounded my life. 

All these pictures are taken with a NIKON COOLPIX digital camera 

Ice (that’s my roof)

Man I love it … 

this is why i love where i live

frozen leaf

frozen tree

THAT’s ALL ICE and it’s still alive and thriving *neat plant right*

crazy photo standing under the ice

All of these photo’s are taken off my camera, uploaded to my computer and then placed to this blog… all of these photo’s are taken by me A. Hatt Photography the daughter to M. Fuller Photography. None of these photo’s have been touched up they are all natural photo’s taken by a frozen photographer. 

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