Our Christmas Tree 2013

The Hatt’s & their Christmas Tree
On December 13th 2013 we got our Christmas tree at the local hardware store in Hadley a few towns over from us. This is what I’ve got for pictures and this is as far as we’ve gotten in decorating this tree. We’ve def. taken this year to slack off and make for a rush… causing minor stress like almost every holiday does, and well here are the photos enjoy there will be more when I finish decorating the tree.



 12.15.2013 THE HATT’s 2013 Christmas Ornament

 12.16.2013 almost decorated -all that’s there are the lights, tree topper and well the newest ornament that was made at Yankee Candle-

 12.17.2013 Last night after the kids put up their first batch of home made ornaments and their candles they dipped at Yankee Candle
We still have much more decorating to do … which hopefully we will have this tree COMPLETELY decorated by this weekend though it’s hard when we can’t find half our decorations and stuff which makes me sad and it’s even more sad cause a similar thing happened to my mom with all her’s and her’s were older than mine and well had more family history to some of them.   


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