December 17th in Photography

So yesterday Decemeber 17, 2013 we where supposed to get a nasty storm starting at 7/8 am yet it came an hour late and hit my area hard then again I live up in the hills, so yesterday I thought I’d document my day with photos cause it’s the perfect kind of weather especially cause the views are amazing when it’s safe. (Yesterday was a very unsafe road day and many idiots on the road- one of wish I snagged a picture but couldn’t as they stopped in the middle of Rt. 9 to clean off their car) but below are my pictures while I adventured out to brave the storm for appointments that didn’t get canceled and food that we needed.

So here starts my morning

12.17.2013 at 8:00 am driving to drop kids off 
while at home I did some Nikon photography which has already been blogged about all attach a link at bottom of this entry 
so here’s my afternoon travels 

12.17.2013 at 12:30 pm driving to get kids from school

12.17.2013 at 3:30 pm driving home after grabbing some food after a dental appointment 

12.17.2013 at 3:45 pm at my moms house cause we dropped off some food

so after all my appointments and running around I ventured home

12.17.2013 at 4:15 pm driving up my road the main drag of it

12.17.2013 at roughly 4:30 not plowed not sanded *thanks*

12.17.2013 get into my drive way at 5:00 pm step into the snow and it comes up to my ankles … I was only gone 5 hours and we had gotten that much at that point it was half way up my leg further out from the 8″ we got a few days before this storm

we unloaded and brought everyone inside and got on to our nightly duties and tasks and that includes some Christmas Tree arts & crafts that all blog about shortly… so to step up we can fast forward to 8pm!!!!

it’s now 8pm and well this what we have 

snow that covers my ankles and fills my slippers and is literately half way up my to my knees

my SUV was completely covered in just three hours *heavy snow fall* don’t worry we cleaned off the SUV just for more snow to arrive and recover it

at 8:20 pm on 12.17.2013 it started snowing again of course just my luck right … but either way I wanted this moon picture which in person was much more amazing

and by 8:35 pm that might it has picked back up in speed and well as being pet owners it was puppy time

8:40 pm and waiting for the hubs to get the third pup I snapped a quick selfie

and well that wrapped up yesterday and well here’s Western Mass in Snow, Ice & Photography my daily photography shoot with Western Massachusetts Mother Nature!

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