Being a parent with school aged children

I’m sure some of my readers have children and some are of the school age and I’m sure most of you work & if your with your spouse/partner I’m sure they work too. 

The main reason I’m blogging is because I live in Western Massachusetts and well the weather here can be very frightful as it hits temperatures below 0 to the lovely tune of the current temp in my area of -6 degrees.
Every school around me has closed for temperature reasons and the snow storm that’s coming in that’s supposed to be starting at 7:00 am yet there is no snow but this is New England so I’m used to it except when temperatures are this cold as for some schools cancle transport but by whatever means stay open … I don’t see the logic there at all but who am I to say a thing.
My sons love school don’t get me wrong but my problem is I have a appointment at 1:45 my time for my youngest as today’s his dental visit and if my children close early after I’m at the dental appointment I’m totally up shits creek. The school where my children go say they follow the local school systems around them yet they are closed and well yeah it’s physically impossible to be in to places at once oh the joys of parenting. 
So a question to my readers… What would you do… call your children out of school or take the risk and send them in and pray they don’t close early?! 
My husband has me checking the weather line every twenty minutes to see if anythings changed yet nothing for our area. I’ll be more upset if they do what they did last time which was call when I was 3/4’s the way there, I must say this place isn’t all together organized. *A strong pet peeve of mine*

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