Baystate Dental & Masshealth

Baystate Dental and Masshealth have been nothing but problems for me the last year and a half, until just recently.

My Son Sean was about three when he went to the dentist this boy would brush his teeth three to four times a day before going to school now it’s just morning in night. But because we where MassHealth no one in the local area would take us until Baystate Dental in Belchertown open up a practice there. To my well undiscovered notion my son who not once complained about his teeth hurting had 5 cavities and we questioned because he was brushing so frequently. Apparently it was us letting him take a sippy to bed some nights and him not drinking enough milk. My son doesn’t drink much milk and he gets that from his father.

Then my son Connor got to go right away as he was just a year old and he got a clean bill of health for his teeth except for this year when he managed to get ONE cavity… not bad but since he was a little fussy when they did the cleaning they recommend the same treatment his brother was to get from a pediatric dentist. So here we are a few days after and I’m searching MassHealth website to locate a close pediatric dental office for both boys.

Now for my son Kayden I have no idea for what he has but I’m hoping none as for I brush his teeth and get the teeth marks to prove it, so for him his appointment is 12.17 and well I can’t wait to see how this goes to be honest I’m a littler nervous as for one he’s not one to open his mother, second we are to get hit with a nasty snow storm *AGAIN* and well my other two boys will be in school and father deary won’t be able to leave work early.

But as for Kayden I will update this blog entry once I know more about him and his dental issues.

But for over all MassHealth isn’t the greatest dental supporter there is for coverage but since I’m a MassHealth patient it’s what I can get cause it’s all I can afford, and yeah it’s sad but it’s also true. Myself and my children suffer at the hands of people who can’t due their jobs because they don’t want to deal with the masshealth red tape. I’ve called so many times masshealth has begun to stop returning my calls and the lady from the practice in Springfield won’t return mine either. I was nice up until I told her off the last time for she called me an idiot who shouldn’t have been allowed to have children. I so wanted to get her fired but my nature was to tell her off then wish her a nice day … just to get the point across. So for now all we hunt down the pediatric dentist and make appointments and pray that this is something that is easy as for if it’s not I don’t know how much more stress I can take no my children. Cause there is NO WAY IN HELL WILL I LET BAYSTATE DENTAL STRAIGHT JACKET MY SON AND HOLD HIM DOWN TO WORK ON HIS TEETH that right there is CHILD ABUSE and if you don’t think so then your line of child abuse is very wrong.

Well enough about that … I’ll keep posted as for what happens with MassHealth and their dental work and what happens at tomorrow’s dental appointment for Little Man.


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