The Hatt Family …


A timely tradition of getting a Christmas Tree after Thanksgiving in our house always seems to be put off till ultimately the last minute rush, as for I’m not one to jump straight into the holiday spirit for it’s a very stressful time for me as I’ve got birthdays back to back right before and then directly after the New Year. 

So last night after picking up the boys from school we decided to bundle up and head of to the local Lowell’s in Hadley, Mass to get our Christmas Tree for as we haven’t ever cut a Tree down and yet next year I’m thinking that’s what we are going to do. So be prepared for as that will come with a ton of photo’s and I’ll try to have M. Fuller Photograpy shoot that experience for us as well… though don’t get me wrong all have my camera and cell phone 😀 
For I grew up with a fake tree that’s something that I never wanted my children to experience well except at their Grandma Fuller’s house as her’s looked so real you’d never tell but the one’s these days make you wanna cringe. So ever since I moved in with my husband we’ve owned a real tree up until the first full week of January, the we light her up and watch it burn. 

On December 13 of 2013 my husband and I was able to take our children to get tree’s and below are the pictures of the fun… hope you enjoy! *yes I summarized the statements above* 

we chose the lame route we besides going to the Boyscouts in Amherst

Sean’s blurry cause he’s running around the trees 

so Sean helped pick this one after I said it looked small enough but I was wrong lol 

this is how we transport kids and trees 

another view of the tree crew 

atop my SUV her first Christmas Tree with me 

got it home and let it sit over night to settle 

the animals love the tree as well a new hiding spot from the kids 

Well there you have it pictures of our tree… all blog more about it once we decorate it … it’s still bare as for only Tilley the elf has been hiding in it 


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