New England’s Weekend Storm

So last night it started snowing at 12 noon in Western Massachusetts well at least in my neck of the woods anyways for other places it started earlier.

So below is the account of the weather through my photography … hope you enjoy but a rough total of what we got so far is about 8 inches of snow and our 1pm stop line has been moved to 11am for now we’ve only got freezing rain and sleet coming down… Like I’ve stated to many people I don’t tend to panic over these things anymore cause it’s New England and the weather people usually screw up somewhere along the way with predicting amounts and length of time. 

at 12noon there was a fox and not much snow was accumulating (my attentions was driven towards the fox at this point)

this was my ramp at 2pm

this was my ramp at 4pm (not much change)

my ramp at 7pm after the husband walked through the snow it was a inches or two higher

the side of my SUV before bed (can’t wait to see it today… lol)

at 9am this morning to snapped a picture of my well … I will go out there and measure it … as for we have already had rain and sleet for a few hours so the snow has been weighted down

But according to others near me they measured roughly 8 inches before the rain and ice hit… so there’s storm Electra and all that she gave us … after we where told anywhere from 12-18 inches and that she would t stop until 1pm yet there’s nothing happening as of 9:55 am in my area. 
Hope you enjoyed the photos as I enjoyed taking them 

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