Christmas … Family & Faith

Christmas … and how it’s changed over time through social media and television

Hey y’all I want to address something that has been bothering me lately and it’s Christmas. Christmas you all must be thinking I’m out of my mind, but yes the thought of Christmas and how the local stores and media have made it out to be getting and giving gifts… I want to know what happened to the real meaning of Christmas the spending of time with family, the enjoying one’s company?! The little things in life that doesn’t happen too often as families become distant and grow. Instead it’s about GIFTs are you seriously kidding me…

I don’t want my children growing up thinking that the holiday’s are all about gifts, I give myself a budget per person so that I don’t go over and spend money I don’t have. This year Christmas has become tricky as it’s right after my son’s birthday and then I’ve got one to follow it right after the New Year so my life’s crazy busy after September.

I’m not rich but I’m also not poor, I have a home, a vehicle, a job and my bills are paid. My son’s already have a crap load of toys which shockingly I’ve not bought… as for that’s their grandmother and aunt’s doing. For I have given thought and chosen more practical gifts as for practical goes further in life than want…though for me and my family I am the one who wants the big dinner with family to be here and to also of course help the meal and gathering, but it’s hard when it’s two very different well three different families coming together for one simple holiday.

but I actually have a point wasn’t it not that long ago that Christmas was all about family and faith and celebrating the birth Christ or am I completely mistaken. I think that the toy industry and the media have taken this too far with ads I’ve heard of children opening the best gifts to say thank you Santa for inventing gifts… seriously that’s not something I ever want my children to say nor hear.

so with that I am going to carry on my simple minded traditions and budget shopping to instill that Christmas is still truly about spending time with those who matter the most to you and those who have your heart. 


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