What a Week!

Happy Weekend!!!!

So let’s see … Monday no work cause it was a crappy day outside and the roads sucked in my neck of the wood and UMass decided to open late anyways. So I spent the day at home after getting the kids to school and fighting around making appointments and getting things done oh a mother’s work is never done. So when it came time to get the kids I was more than excited to get them and very pleased too as I’d had missed them all day. 
Tuesday… ahhh the day that made me wish my damn key fob worked properly… blahhh
I worked my new normal shift … 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday… woot woot… isn’t bad especially now that it’s getting dark at 4 and I’m walking to my SUV in the dark and well TUESDAY it was frozen shut, not the door it self just the damn LOCK and I’ve blogged about how to beat that in Defeat the ICE (click it as link is provided) which has seemed to help but don’t get me wrong I’m getting myself a new key fob so I can open other doors in my suv and so forth… then off to get dinner and do some good deeds by donating can goods. 
Now to Wednesday the half way mark of the week except for me if felt like Tuesday as for it was only my second day of work… this week for work went by pretty fast to be honest, then again we had some pretty neat events these past few days… all get to those in a few… but Wednesday was work hard and no real do anything else… yet I got to sit there and listen to Pandora to keep the scanner sound from getting to me … that sound sucks.
Thursday a half day for me as my son had dental appointments and I’ll blog that later cause ooOoo boy does this mama got words to say… but then once I got to work at 11 I worked for roughly 45 minutes before getting ready to head out the DEPARTMENT HOLIDAY LUNCH … kinda mandatory yet fun I won at bingo. But I also found out that we have a small pot luck coming up this coming Thursday too… I’m alright with this … and kind of like it it’s neat to have a place of employment that takes their workers so serious enough to actually get to set time to mingle and get to know one another to make the work place a little more easier. Then it was off to get my babies and happy to say another day with unfrozen lock and doors 🙂 
and well FRIDAY my favorite day of the week of course I had to get out early for my kids school and yeah all blog about that as for it was kinda pain and waistful time on my part they could have clearly communicated via email or phone call or letter, seriously they are so damn nit picky… but that’s okay i’m guessing in away that’s good but can also cause me more issues with lack of work and so forth.
But after that we decided to go Christmas Tree hunting… we ended up at LOWELLs in Hadley instead of Home Depot for what ever reason maybe but it was nice… next year I’m thinking about taken the boys to a place where you cut your tree down … that seems really neat and I’ve never done it. Then after that the boys as they picked out our HOME Tree told Grandma Fuller she needed a real tree and she said as long as it was a Charlie Brown she’d do it … yet they couldn’t find a TRUE Charlie Brown they did find her a nice tiny little REAL TREE that they where so happy to pick out as well and well it wasn’t bad two tree’s under $50.00 right you must be like what a dream deal … that’s what we get when we wait for two weeks before Christmas… I sent her a picture of it and said the boys picked out your tree and well she did’t believe me until I stated we where on our way to drop off her tree and omg was she head of heels as it was the cutest little tree she’d seen mainly cause it was picked out by her grandbabies with love. 

For as we’ve arose to Saturday it’s my weekend… I’m not sure how much blogging all accomplish as my life revolves around my three son’s and well we’ve got a storm coming in and I’m pretty excited to be honest. As for I love the SNOW and winter weather just not the chill, to bad we can’t have snow at a blaming 50 degrees of weather with no wind… that would be a dream right. Well time to say far well until later… Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the upcoming storm if you can … I know some people still have to work so please drive safely as for the road conditions aren’t the greatest we do live in New England. 

I’ll post some photo’s shortly of a family tradition that still stands the test of time with us… 

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