SANDY HOOK Remembrance

Have you forgotten?! 

I haven’t those angels taken too soon just last year on this very date, innocent children who never knew hate, my heart aches for them and their families as they’ve lost loved ones so deer.

Please Don’t Forget

Please don’t forget these innocent lives

I didn’t know any of them but they made me realize that this can happen anywhere as it was so close to home as they have where around my own children’s ages and it made me hug them a little tighter, kiss them a little more, and watch them a little longer and stop and think for a moment that life’s not easy nor 100% safe it’s how we protect them and how we teach them that helps them. God Bless you angels may you shine in the heavens above, my you watch your families in the skies above, may you help all those in heaven new and old … you’ll never be forgotten you’ll always be remembered. The smiles, the good, the happiness and yes the sadness but forever will you shine! 

PLEASE WATCH  if you choose to watch this video watch it with tissues as the video is sad but the message is strong and please understand this video is not of the day it self but a parent who chose to continue her daughters work. God Bless and may you and your family shine…. 


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