MY WEDDING May 21, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Lorne Hatt 

I didn’t take ANY of these photo’s these photo’s where taken my two photographers who helped secondary shoot my wedding day as my main photographer who thankfully was never paid was robbed along with my wedding photo’s, sad as it was I was damn happy to have my mother and her business with me that day … and thank you to all those who took photo’s as well like my husbands Aunt Joan who took some amazing photo’s herself… thank you to my lovely twinny Lexi who took some amazing photo’s too … so enjoy… as this was an amazing day for myself, my husband and our family.

 the Wedding Party! 
 the CAKE ha ha ha yeah that was funny
 I may fight with my father, I may disagree with him but at the end of the day I’m always his little girl and somewhere someday he’ll look back and realize that I never grew up I just learned how to fly and handle my own. 
 a father and a son a bond so strong 


 Father Daughter Dance

the bridal party with parents of the bride & groom

 A Sister Dance… 

 PFD Crew 5.21.2011

 ha ha ha yeah it got a little messy

 giving him some CAKE

 after he feed me my piece of cake

 cutting the cake 

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