My Guys *Before Kayden*

Here are some photo’s of those handsome boys during the younger day’s of their lives yet they are still pretty young now. But these where before they become big big brothers and well here’s my Seanie Bear and Chunky Monkey who was my original peanut. 
 Sean & Connor during a trip to CT 

 Sean playing with Connor 

 Holding his baby brother in his wagon …, he loves his baby brother

 having some BRO TIME watching cartoons in mommy & daddy’s bed

 catching some ZZZZs 

 helping daddy mow the lawn 

 he’s such my farm boy

 lol he’s such a ham running through the field of ours

 just taking a walk 

 my silly boys

 look at that hair 

 gonna be a basketball player

 spring fun 

 chilling at puffer’s pond in Amherst, MA

 what a ham 

 just love this picture of them with hershey

 they loved playing in the yard

 October/November 2011 after the Nor-Eastern

 SNOW finally home and yeah we decided to play

 the day of the snow storm before it hit hard

All these photo’s take place through out 2011 after the birth of my second son Connor and well they are just too cute not to share.


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