Morning Y’all

Hey there it’s Friday out here in my neck of the wood works … today is actually Friday the 13th isn’t that pretty neat… ha ha ha oh well… 

So today I’ve checed my Facebook and learned some sad news we’ve lost two beautiful angels and it hits home because she was little sister to my big sister Mist so we’ve got some heeling that needs to be done at home and this sucks because of the most recent events in that family’s life this past year as well. (I’m saddened and shaken by it all that’s the furthered tall get into it I’m still learning all the news) 
Today I’m letting the husband take my SUV as we need to prepare for the up coming weather apparently it’s a lovely storm that’s coming with 6-8 inches of white fluffy stuff this Saturday but being a born and raised new englander that has seen Mother Nature first hand I’m not holding my breath as I could turn blue and pass out… and the weather people can’t tell up and down to be honest … but that’s that … today’s a short work day for me just a minor 8:30-3:30 shift then a 4:00 o’clock appointment at the kids school for god only knows what they are so different it’s beyond funny… sometimes rather annoying… but I won’t go into depths on this school cause that would make you all question things… Well it’s time to drop off the babies to school then meet to work … I have the worst migraine ever and well it doesn’t go without pain in my right hand like ouch mother bleep seriously of all days too… 

I’m ready for work… side braid and warmth just tossed together for work today’s casual Friday so ya it’s my blue jeans, ugg (American egale style) shows with my celtics top, and the north face jacket and scarf to beat the nasty New England weather 

at my children’s school this morning I was lucky enough to see such an amazing view and I’m going to share it with no photo edits clean shot no touch ups … plus if I did you’d never notice cause I do clean real touch ups nothing drastic and noticeable… 

sunrise in western Massachusetts in Amherst this morning … beautiful right …

Well I’m off to work a little late due to complications with the school and children and well all be sure to blog later tonight and add more photography and hey we are getting out christmastree tonight hopefully and oooOOooo the Christmas cards too!!!!


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