Defeat the ICE

Defeat the ICE of 2013!

well this weather hasn’t been the greatest that we’ve had in New England than again it hasn’t been the worst either cause I can recall October of 2011 with a nasty nor-eastern that killed power to my town and made it hard to live especially if you didn’t have a generator. 

So today I got out of work at 4:30 pm which has been good these past few days especially today… cause as I arrived to my SUV I noticed that my card had ICE all over it … didn’t rain today at all yet my car was covered in ICE. But even though I was completely puzzled but besides being puzzled I wore more worried, horrified and frozen. My truck has no alternative way in once my lock freezes since there are no other ways into my vehicle and unlock button well it don’t exist cause it fell out so that doesn’t help. I’ve been looking on eBay and the web for replacement pads and key fobs. But after twenty minutes… hitting the lock, kicking the lock (unless you know dead on where the lock is and you know how to properly exert force without causing damage DONT) I finally got the door lock to move and well I constantly moved the key around inside the lock but after I called my local locksmith.

J Fuller Locksmith 
I’ll called and left a message requesting help with a lock issue dealing with an automotive door as winter weather has come it’s very common for door locks to freeze from the inside and that’s due to moisture that’s built up
inside there is yes a dust cover but that’s exactly what that is a dust cover so what’s been suggested wasn’t the typical  DEICER that’s sold in stores but WD40 yes you read that right wd40 because you can use that to get rid of the moisture and it never hurts to be too lubed in the lock world cause extra lube with run through the rest of the door lock area and keep it flushed. As for this advice my mother M. Fuller uses it as well and it’s never failed her or her father. 
Day 12: 25 days of giving sharing my locksmith advice with the world and there will be more to share for day 12!!!!

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