A. Hatt Photography

I like photography because it’s a way to simply look at things in a different perspective, I don’t edit my photos unless I turn them to black and white images. Most my photos are real deal… My mother is starting up her own photography business and I’m the second hand photographer on the team… we work not only with the iPhones but with different cameras as well mines just happens to be a Nikon Coolpix L310 while hers I believe is the cannon rebel and I love them both…

Here’s my photography work from the past week (pretty neat most of which is taken in western Massachusetts unless other wise noted)

my drive into work off the mountain
it’s beautiful this time of year 

my frozen ice covered SUV 

the country side roads I love to drive

I love my mountain life as the roads are so windy that no two pictures are identical 

the Merry maple that’s in Amherst center at the common a life long town tradition

my lovely yard covered in the lovely snow 

more of the farm life I drive by daily 

Sunderland mass and the things I find neat


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