Holiday Pop pop pop…Corn Decorations


When I was a child I remember this once incident or well time with my mother, my two aunts, and my siblings… it was a week before Christmas and my mom made three batches of PLAIN POPCORN and a few bags of light butter to enjoy … I being young and confused as I was still in elementary school was questioning why we couldn’t eat the popcorn. But after hearing this I was even more confused … “We’re going to string it up” WHAT?! we are going string popcorn but that was okay we got to get a long and by long I mean almost 5 feet strand of thread with a needle attached to make what we called popcorn garlin (forgive me if my spellings off) 
So every year I’ve had Christmas in my homes which has been a lot we’ve done Christmas popcorn garlin for the birds outside just because we don’t want our animals attempting to eat it off the tress inside 
So you’ll need the following 
-thread (white or black)
-popcorn (that depends on how much you want to string and how much you want to eat
it’s always fun but if you do this with little kids explain that they can get pricked and it can hurt… if your doing it with little kids you’ll want to of course keep some band-aides near by in case someone starts to bleed.
Hopefully all be able to add pictures to my post this weekend … keep a watch

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