Holiday Home Made Crafts

Well I’m sure I ain’t the first to do this one particular Christmas decoration or well all that I’m going to suggest and share…. 

Paper snowflakes was something my mother taught me and I’m sure she learned from someone before her. 
I loved this a child and well I still do as an adult because I can teach it to my children. 
What you’ll need:
-paper (white or colored construction paper)
-safety siciors 
-adult siciors 

works best with wrapping paper more festive but doesn’t last more than the typical holiday season 

What I do is got to the store find the weirdest wrapping paper out there and buy a couple of them and some really fancy ones as well … then well this is where you’ll think I’m crazy… I don’t use them for wrapping presents. ha ha ha 
I take it unroll it on my table or floor where ever I have enough room to do so, then I cut it into 1 1/2 inch wide strips. 
Then with the help of someone take the long strips stack them and cut them into four to six equal sections they don’t have to be forever big just enough to loop and to have one loop through to make a chain. 


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