Christmas Shopping… Practical or Want?!?!

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING … Practical or Want?!?!
Do you buy for practical reasons or reasons of want?!

Wow… there’s 15 days till Christmas and well seriously there is only 23 shopping days because who really wants to be out on Christmas Eve Day?! & I’ve seriously only just begun…. and I’m repeating my firm belief that you buy what’s needed and one want item… but nothing more than $50.00 as that’s going a little to far in this economy, but don’t get me wrong my children getting a little extra more as I play Santa for them. 
BUT this really goes to who the person is … for some the more practical gift can be hurtful yet so sometimes you got to give it presence … with my family we have this game where we sit there and write clues on the gift and we go around one by one opening gifts until all are opened but taking turns guessing on the clues and well if you guess right first you open it and giggle and it eases up the pain of practical gifts yet then we move on to the next person and their gift. Very fun if your completely tired and well a little under the influence… ha ha ha yeah some people like to bring a drink to our Christmas parties yet we are very responsible. 
My other bad habit is buying ONE gift per pet… in my house that’s three dogs and two kittens… that’s roughly $40.00 worth of stuff right there because they aren’t the cheapest things in the world. But they are family and they deserve to feel welcomed and loved. 
So do you practical shop or want shop for your family and friends?

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