Homemade Handprint Ornaments

Okay so back give year ago Pinterest didn’t exsist and I pretty much stuck to myself and my son… but as years went bye I opened up and got hurt but that’s besides the point through those wacky moments I learned of blogger (yay) and Pinterest which has been amazing when coming to terms with new arts and crafts for my babies and myself to do. I ain’t a pinner who pins something and forgets about it I’m actually trying almost everything I pin. 

Well even if this isn’t my babies first Christmas this will be the first year that we have family handprint ornaments to decorate. I’m so excited as this is something that means the world to me because my first ornament was something I helped create when you get yet stays at my mothers house for her tree.

But this idea was something I find when looking up DIY Ornaments on Pinterest and google…

DIY baby's first Christmas ornament. - love!
What you’ll need: 
-acrylic paint
-paint brush 
-clear ornament or soilid color 
-sharpie (black, silver, or gold
-paper plate
-moist wipes 
-camera … always fun to have memories locked in film
if you choose to use clear ornaments you’ll want to fill the inside with one of the following things 
-cotton balls 
-tissue paper
Step by step 
Pour out enough paint on a paper plate that was it’s not a battle of back and forth between the hand and paint bottle, then take the babies hand and with the paint brush and coat the babies hand with paint
now if your child is a wiggle worm (like mine) then you’ll need to attempt this a few times 
if your feeling very artsy you can sprinkle festive glitter atop the hand print to give it a more holiday look on top of filling the inside with any of the items mentioned above. 

Idea for Babies during Christmas


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