Parents Magazine 2013 TOY RECALL

Biggest Recall of 2013
between Toys, Clothing, and Gear

I’m a parent to three handsome and wonderful son’s and well this needs to be shared with the parenting community. I’ve taken the liberty to share it to my twitter, blogger, tumblr, and well my facebook as well and will share it to google plus for those who follow me please share this with everyone with children and while your shopping this season. 

This morning around 10 am I received an e-mail from Parents Magazine stating that they had a full list of 2013’s biggest recall, worried as I’ve of course had family and friends go out Black Shopping Friday and who’ve been shopping I quickly opened the list… and to my horror found some things I own… I will of course go through it a tad bit more carefully later tonight once the kids are home and dad can watch them as I was doing it via my mobile web and that can be hard. But I’ve know a few ladies who’ve just had babies and well I want this information to get out… so the links are posted below hopefully we can save lives before something happens.

2013 Recall

now that you’ve gone through the list… and if heaven forbid it’s something you own I bet your asking
easy click that link and check out what’s been shared.

please share this blog and the links in it so people can avoid possible accidents…. 


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