What… a week that was!

December is HERE!

What… a week that was, lord please have mercy on those lost souls so hung up on themselves that they truly only believe that life’s about them it’s a god honest shame. Well let’s see what has happened this past week for myself and well my family. 

Well let’s see Monday was the first DAY of December, we had a wonderful Monday with everyone going to work and school and me actually getting to work on time well early. Except this Monday turned into Lorne’s LONG day at work since he swapped with a friend since his friends son got sick which gave us a short day on Wednesday. 
Wednesday came and well it was so weird to think my husband would be joining the family for dinner that night, yet the text that I got at roughly 9:09 am was more bizarre if you ask me. Wednesday has me leaving work early since Kayden had a doctors appointment yet he returned to school and well I went to meet with a friend to head off to a shooting range to get some practice with a pistol and a riffle. Then went to a PTO Meeting for my kids where we got to chat with some neat people about some cool offerings yet I realized that they are a very disorganized group, which highly irritated me and made me want to seriously scream.  But that’s whatever went home and chilled before heading to bed after a very long day.
Thursday … ahhh that dreaded day that seriously had me balling my eyes out all morning but had me head over heels when my life got the best phone call ever from a long time good friend who simply made life seem less painful knowing they where rooting for me and will always be in my life no matter what. So this day was a very relaxed evening after getting the kids… and was nice cause we established a skype contact with Connor’s dad which was nice for him to actually get to see him and communicate with him.

FRIDAY: last day of the work week… daddy has it off and seanie bear stayed home sick … but that’s okay I let them use my suv cause I’m nice … what was cool was pizza for lunch cause the boss said okay to it and well we kinda where all sick of that Whitmore food… it’s over priced and gets boring day in and day out.
…. well kinda wraps up the first week of december … all blog about Saturday in it’s own blog 🙂 


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