Twenty Five Days of Giving (catching up)

Day Four: simply easiest thing to do and that was to assist someone who needed help.

Day Five: this was a very simple task and it was nice today… I placed one dollar and fifty cents in my meter especially since I knew I’d only use about 15 minutes worth of time I paid for but hoping and praying that some lucky person got some free time helps the Amherst parking area was very busy that day so I’m sure that was helpful for someone.
Day Six{Friday}: well this was easy… I have three sons, one of whom was sick so instead of causing stress and mayham  I offered my SUV to my husband who in return offered to drive me to work which I didn’t mind either (no rain walking) but it was a simple gesture that usually easily pays it self forward.
can’t wait too see what else can come of these 25 days of giving

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